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There may be issues that require the attention of our Client Care team. These issues primarily deal with, but are not limited to, health and safety concerns.
If your client experiences any of the following, you must call Home Instead immediately at (401) 214-2470 or (401) 667-2923 and speak to our office staff or On-Call Supervisor:

• Your client falls, (after calling 911 for assistance, call Home Instead)
• You notice a change in the orientation of your client.
-He or she becomes confused or disoriented (more than their usual behavior)
-Your client becomes lethargic and you are unable to rouse him or her
• Your client becomes incontinent of either bladder or bowel.
• You see any change in skin integrity i.e., a cut, skin tear, redness.
• For clients who were able to walk: your client becomes unable to walk with your assistance or requires more lifting than you are allowed to do.
• Your client has difficulty swallowing.
• You feel that you are being asked to do tasks outside your scope of practice (i.e., taking client to bank or liquor store, washing walls/windows, etc.)

Report the incident to the office.  You will be contacted to complete an incident report later. This can be done on the phone. If the incident happens after business hours or on the weekend, report it to the On-Call Supervisor.


Recognize:  If the client falls and cannot get up on their own, do not lift the client! You must call 911 and ask for assistance. The EMT’s will arrive, check the client’s vitals and if nothing else is wrong, will assist the client in getting up.

Report:  If the client requires transport to a medical facility, you must follow (in your car) and keep the office apprised of the situation.

Record:  You must record this in the Client Journal and you must also call the office or the On-Call Supervisor to report the incident.

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