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3/23 Updates, changes

Updates: Hi all We wanted to reach out with additional updates regarding the coronavirus outbreak. Since our communication on March 18, 2020, the Governor has instituted additional measures: day care facilities are now closed, hair dressers and other beauty salons are also closed. In addition, there are now over 100 confirmed cases of patients with COVID-19. Both the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts have introduced shelter in place or stay at home orders. Both of those states allow healthcare workers and caregivers to travel freely to and from work because they are considered Essential Personnel. We fully anticipate that if Governor Raimondo were to issue a shelter in place order, you would be allowed to go to and from work just like is the case in our neighboring states. If such an order is issued, we will send you a letter that you can show anyone who may ask indicating that you are allowed to be out on the road. Also, please wear your Home Instead uniform (shirt or scrub top), if possible, and name tag. We ask again that you contact us if you have any symptoms of any respiratory illness. This was always true but it is even more imperative now as we try to keep everyone safe.

Please feel free to contact HealthiestYou to have a FREE consultation with a doctor. Please note that wait times are quite long with Healthiest You. We would recommend choosing the callback option where they will call you back once your position in the queue is reached (this can be hours later at this time).

As discussed before, please continue to be diligent about washing your hands frequently for over 20 seconds and disinfecting surfaces often. Please let us know if you client needs additional supplies in the home and we will do our best to provide what we have (please note that hand sanitizer and masks are in very short supply). We also wanted to ask if any of you would be interested/available to consider a live-in arrangement with a client. This means that you would spend at least 24 hours in the home with the ability to sleep at night in the client’s home. This would allow us to limit the number of staff in a client’s home and may be a suitable approach in certain situations. Please reach out to Barbara if you have an interest. If you have any questions, if we can support you in any way, please call us at the office. And thank you so much for your dedication and continued support of our clients. Take care and stay safe.



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